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tripla customer acquisition function


tripla supports foreign travelers requests with AI and operators. tripla covers restaurant, activity and tour reservation supports.


tripla send foreign travelers to your restaurants, activities and tours with recommended priority. tripla deals with multi-language operation between you and travelers. tripla operation staff communicates between you and travelers via phone, email and IT system.

Reservation List

tripla APP acquired 200K download. tripla introduces your restaurants or activities by integrating with oversea KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and Influencers if you make a contract with tripla.

tripla APP functions


Service Category

Service Details

Ask with Chat

Reservation Status

Service Domain List

Book a Restaurant

Able to book restaurants in all over Japan. tripla can arrange from reasonable Izakaya (tavern) to luxury restaurant reservations.

Book an Activity

You can book various activities such as “Dressing up Kimono”, “Pottery class” and “Ride in Mario cart” like Japanese traditional and popular culture experience activities.

Book a Tour

You can book a daily trip or short trip including bus transportation bound for Mt. Fuji, Nikko, Hakone, etc. based on your purpose.

Pocket WiFi

You can rent pocket WiFi from major airports as well as some accommodations in Japan.

Taxi/Limousine Reservation

You can book from airport, hotel or your designated address. Possible to use hourly service as well.

Rent a Car Reservation

Possible to reserve rent a car. You can pick up a car from major 12 location in Japan as of June 2018.

tripla support customer acquisition operations

Introduce your service with priority

tripla sends customers to your restaurants and activities with priority based on tripla’s recommendation function. tripla explains your service features via chat.

tripla deals with cancel operation and access guide

tripla deals with cancel operation between you and travelers and guides an access how the customer reach your restaurant or activity companies.

For individually owned restaurants and activities

Able to expand the number of customers for small restaurants and activity companies as well.

Contingent fee system according customer count

Initial setting up is free. tripla charges fee in line with the number of customers sent.

Multilingual restaurant information & menus

Restaurant information and menu (a la carte & course) are translated into 4 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean).

Export translation data by CSV

You can download translation data with CSV and PDF. Restaurants can create a paper base multilingual menu just by printing out the PDF.

Price Table


(Fee per Customer)

Cancel or No-Show

Kid's Price

Content's Translation

Target Language

Translation Cost per Language

Oveasea Media Placement


(300 JPY/1 Person)

Definitely Not Charged

Free below 6 Years Old

50,000 JPY/ Business Category

English, Chinese (S/T), Korean

4 JPY / Japanese Character

From 200,000 JPY / Article

Optional Tour

(15% of Activity Price)

Definitely Not Charged

Apply Kid's Price

20 JPY/ Character

English, Chinese (S/T), Korean

4 JPY/ Japanese Character

From 200,000 JPY / Article

Rent a Car

(10% of Car Price)

Definitely Not Charged


20 JPY/ Character

English, Chinese (S/T), Korean

4 JPY/ Japanese Character

From 200,000 JPY / Article

For restaurant and activity companies