From cost to revenue with chatbot customers

Book a Restaurant

Able to book restaurants in all over Japan. tripla can arrange from reasonable Izakaya (tavern) to luxury restaurant reservations.

Book an Activity

You can book various activities such as “Dressing up Kimono”, “Pottery class” and “Ride in Mario cart” like Japanese traditional and popular culture experience activities.

Book a Tour

You can book a daily trip or short trip including bus transportation bound for Mt. Fuji, Nikko, Hakone, etc. based on your purpose.

Pocket WiFi

You can rent pocket WiFi from major airports as well as some accommodations in Japan.

Taxi/Limousine Reservation

You can book from airport, hotel or your designated address. Possible to use hourly service as well.

Rent a Car Reservation

Possible to reserve rent a car. You can pick up a car from major 12 location in Japan as of June 2018.

Restaurant Reservation Process

Propose restaurants with recommendation function

Reserve restaurants with chatbot

Complete reservation with chat

Send notification 1 week and 1 day before reservation date

Cancel reservation with chatbot

Activity Reservation Process

Select activities from contents list

Check an activity detail

Request reservation by inputting date and group size

Complete reservation request with chat

Cancel reservation with chatbot

From cost center to revenue generator

No worries because reservation information is shared

tripla sends reservation information details to hotels via email if customers request reservation to tripla. Even if a customer asks hotel staff about reservation details, hotel staff can reply with information from tripla.

Reservation, cancellation , no-show support operations

Able to outsource all reservation requests from customers. tripla is able to handle cancellation as well as no-show operations.

Abundant travel contents

10,000+ restaurants, 1,000+ activities, 500+ tours can be booked.

Price Table


(25,000 JPY/M~)

Initial Set Up: Free

Base Price: 25,000 JPY/Company

(Including 100 Requests)

Pay per Use: +25,000 JPY/100 Request

7 Days Free after Started

Hotel Reservation Integration

(10,000 JPY/M+3%)

Initial Set Up: Free

Monthly Fee: 10,000 JPY/Facility

(TL Lincohn or Temairazu)

Other Fee: 3% of Room Charge 

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Revenue Share

(Portion of Fee)

Initial Set Up: Free

Chargeable Restaurant: 20% of Fee

Chargeable Activities: 2-3% of Activity Price

Chargeable Tour: 3% of Tour Price

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