Easy hotel reservation with tripla

Select hotel reservation from menu tab

Select check in and check out date

Select group size (adult/kids)

Select room type (See more rooms by scroll to the right)

Select stay plan type (See more rooms by scroll to the right)

Input guest name and phone number

Check reservation information details

Complete reservation. Customer gets an email for reservation confirmation.

Check reservation (Login)

Confirm reservation information

Key feature of tripla hotel reservation

Reserve by chat

Customers can make a room reservations while checking rooms and plans in chatbot.

Easy cancellation with chat

Customers are able to cancel a reservation from chat screen or tripla “my page”.

Integrated with major site controller

Easily integrated IT system with the major site controllers from tripla CRM. Room inventory is automatically allocated from commonly shared inventory.

Possible to register by room type

Able to register room plan like an oversea OTA. Charge an accommodation fee based on the number of room.

Possible to register by stay plan

Able to register stay plan like a Japanese OTA. Charge an accommodation fee based on the number of people.

Reserve accommodation in 5 languages

Reservation flow is supported in 5 languages. Foreign guests can also make a reservation smoothly.

Site Controller System Integrations

TL Lincoln: System Integrated 

Temairazu: System Integrated 

Neppan: Under Development

Rakutsu: Under Development

Cancel reservation with tripla chatbot

Cancel from my page (chatbot cancel operation is also available)

Cancel Confirmation

Complete cancellation

Complete cancellation (Send an email to cancellation confirmation email)

Possible to change guest name, phone number and special request.

Register room type or stay plan customization in multiple language

Easily register room type with automated translation from tripla CMS

Easily register stay plan with multiple language

Price Table


(25,000 JPY/M~)

Initial Set Up: Free

Base Price: 25,000 JPY/Company

(Including 100 Requests)

Pay per Use: +25,000 JPY/100 Request

7 Days Free after Started

Hotel Reservation Integration

(10,000 JPY/M+3%)

Initial Set Up: Free

Monthly Fee: 10,000 JPY/Facility

(TL Lincohn or Temairazu)

Other Fee: 3% of Room Charge 

Need tripla chatbot Service

Revenue Share

(Portion of Fee)

Initial Set Up: Free

Chargeable Restaurant: 20% of Fee

Chargeable Activities: 2-3% of Activity Price

Chargeable Tour: 3% of Tour Price

Need tripla chatbot Service