tripla chatbot service introduction

Tap chat icon

AI automatically replies based on FAQ

If AI can't reply, tripla asks customers to rephrase with different expression

When AI can't answer twice, tripla operator will answer questions within 60 seconds

Select language, reserve room & restaurant and check reservation from menu

tripla chatbot function

Service specialized in travel industry

Provide services to accommodations such as hotels, ryokan and resort hotel as well as rent a car, activity, railway and tourist information centers.

Cover major 5 languages

AI and multilingual operators can reply with major five languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Customize FAQ according to characteristics

FAQ can be added according to area characteristics and business specific inquiries. FAQ can be shared in the area where the facility is located.

Learning and growing AI function

AI’s key is the number of “user says” pattern registration. tripla specialized in travel industry and already registered 6 million plus chat records.

Reply 100%

tripla provides answers with customers at 100% cover rate because operators reply in case AI can’t reply.

Business Hours

AI definitely answers with customers’ question during 24/7. Japanese operator also answers 24/7. English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese and Korean language operators are able to answer between 8:00 AM and 10 PM. We will expand business hours in line with customer requests.

You can add FAQ when you want

Able to add instruction (question) from tripla CMS

Input answers by facility. Able to utilize as internal Wikipedia with search function

Minimize the number of call from customers

Input phone number link in tripla

Frequent asked questions are shown in chat.
If a customer wants to call, just click the phone number in a chat window.

Minimize the number of calls to hotel.

Minimize the number of emails from customers

Input phone number link in tripla

Char window opens when a customer clicks "Contact Us" in HP.

If a customer inputs email address in a chat box, the customer can obtain not only chat reply but also email reply.

tripla chatbot can be used in LINE@ as well

Acquire LINE@ fans with QR code. 

Complete LINE@ system integration.

Language selection and hotel reservation are available.

AI replied customer inquiries based on registered FAQ.

Operator also support customer inquiries. You can send "push notification" afterward.

tripla chatbot can be used in Pepper as well

Note: tripla operates "tripla for Pepper" service by utilizing Pepper provided by Softbank.

Q&A example via chatbot

Access to your accommodation

tripla guides an access method to your facility from an airport or the nearest station. tripla also answers parking availability and shuttle bus reservation arrangements instead of customers.

Tourist information around your facility

tripla corresponds to general tourist information. Information on seasonal events and sightseeing spots such as shopping area.

Guide hotel facilities and services

Instead of accommodation staff, tripla can answer hotel facility and service inquiry from customers such as “What is the bed size?”,  “Can children sleep together?” and “Check in time?”.

Inquiry about reservation

Deal with availability and reservation inquiry from customers. Customer can make a reservation via chat.

Book restaurants around your facility

On behalf of customer requests, tripla guides and reserves restaurants around your facilities.

Introduce and book an activity

On behalf of customer requests, tripla guides and books activities and tours.

Price Table


(25,000 JPY/M~)

Initial Set Up: Free

Base Price: 25,000 JPY/Company

(Including 100 Requests)

Pay per Use: +25,000 JPY/100 Request

7 Days Free after Started

Hotel Reservation Integration

(10,000 JPY/M+3%)

Initial Set Up: Free

Monthly Fee: 10,000 JPY/Facility

(TL Lincohn or Temairazu)

Other Fee: 3% of Room Charge 

Need tripla chatbot Service

Revenue Share

(Portion of Fee)

Initial Set Up: Free

Chargeable Restaurant: 20% of Fee

Chargeable Activities: 2-3% of Activity Price

Chargeable Tour: 3% of Tour Price

Need tripla chatbot Service


Q: What does it mean request?
A: Count as 1 request if a customer requests during 0:00 and 23:59 with the same device
Q: What's the base price and pay per user?
A: Base price includes 100 requests. If requests exceeds 100, pay per user pricing is applied. First month's basic price is calculated by the days used.
Q: Please tell me contract mechanism?
A: Service contract is based on company base. Minimum contract period is 3 months.
Q: Need to input FAQ sheet by myself?
A: No. tripla prepares FAQ sheet which is customized with your facility. You just check and add FAQ.
Q: Possible to use the service based on budget?
A: You can set the maximum request count. You also can get an email to notify the usage.
Q: Is there report about service detail?
A: tripla send you the monthly report.

Steps to start service

Step 1: Easy account creation from web site

Customers applied with paper base registration don’t require to register from web site. If you apply from web site, please move forward by clicking “Apply Here”.

Step 2: Check FAQ sheet created by tripla

Within 7 business days after you registration, tripla creates your facility FAQ sheet. You just check the FAQ sheet, if necessary you can add FAQ.

Step 3: Start service

After checking FAQ sheet provided by tripla, the service starts if you install a chat box according to the installation procedure, . (You can install within 5 minutes)

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