Outsource customer inquiry via tripla chatbot
AI and operator deals with pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip inquiries
Expand reservation from self web site with tripla
Complete hotel reservation by connecting with major site controllers
tripla as a travel agency to reserve travel products
tripla reserves restaurant, activities, etc as a travel agency
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Ask inquiry with AI and operator

If FAQ is registered, AI is automatically reply to customer inquiry. If FAQ is NOT registered, tripla multi-lingual operator replies within 60 seconds. Once operator replied to customers, the question and answer is automatically registered in FAQ. Then, AI will reply from the next time.

Dramatically squeeze phone call and email from customers

Possible to decrease phone call and email inquiry from customers by introducing tripla chatbot. If a customer tap phone call button in his/her smartphone, chatbot screen automatically pops up and answers questions in line with frequent phone call inquiry rankings.

Reserve accommodation via chat

tripla system is integrated with major site controllers. Once tripla accepts accommodation reservation via chat, room inventory is automatically allocated from commonly shared inventory pool. Accommodation is able to promote special stay plan via chat by setting coupon code in tripla CRM.

Travel agency function

Instead of customers, tripla makes reservation of “restaurants” and “activities” which are popular for foreign travelers. tripla share the agency fee with accommodations.

SNS integration

“tripla chatbot” is able to deply in major SNSs (LINE@) which accommodations utilize. Customers are able to ask questions and make reservations via accommodation’s LINE@.

Deploy in Pepper

Possible to deploy tripla chatbot in Pepper as well. When a customer talks to Pepper, tripla AI and operators will reply the customer’s inquiry. Customers are able to obtain travel information.

Multilingual Reservation Engine Function

Provide standard reservation engine function in accommodation web site. Main features are 1. Multi-language (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese), 2. Reserve by room type like international OTA, 3. Reserve by stay plan like Japan domestic OTA.

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